How to capture OEM logs for TS -Series scanners

How to capture OEM logs for TS -Series scanners

To enable logging:
  1. Open the DigitalCheck-TSSeries.ini file, which you can find at this location:
    C:\ProgramData\Silver Bullet Technology\Ranger\Scanner Plug-ins\DigitalCheck-TSSeries\DigitalCheck-TSSeries.ini
  2. In the [Misc] section, set DelayTS200=2
  3. Save the file.
Enable DCC logsScreenshot of DCC logs enabled.
To capture logs:
Once logging is enabled, the debug messages can be viewed using dbgview.exe, which you can download here. After downloading the file, you can extract it and run either DbgView.exe or dbgview64.exe. To make sure DebugView will capture the correct logs, click the "Capture" button in the top menu. In the dropdown list, make sure that "Capture Win32" is selected. Then, simply run your application and watch the logs appear in DebugView. To save the logs to a file, click "File -> Save as..." in the top menu.

To disable logging:
  1. Open the DigitalCheck-TSSeries.ini file.
  2. In the [Misc] section, set DelayTS200=0
  3. Save the file.
Disable DCC logsScreenshot of DCC logs disabled.

OEM Logging can slow down the performance of your scanner. If that is a concern for you, we recommend that you disable OEM logging when not necessary for testing.

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