Why Does the ActiveX web application not read from the genericoptions.ini?

Why Does the ActiveX web application not read from the genericoptions.ini?

Zone Identifier Markers

What is the zone identifier marker?

A marker that is added to files downloaded from the internet with a modern web browser.  It's an NTFS alternative name stream.

What versions of windows does the zone identifier marker get assigned?

The zone identifier marker has existed since Windows XP service pack 2.

ActiveX problems from zone identifier markers

When HTML/JS utilizing an ActiveX control is downloaded from the internet it can create a quarantined copy of assets used by the ActiveX control. In the case of Ranger, this has been observed with a shadow copy location of genericoptions.ini and uniqueoptions.ini. The web application can retrieve and write to the shadow copied ini files but will not change the files from the original location.

If the HTML/JS ActiveX web app is hosted on a secure web location then the browser will still quarantine the genericoptions.ini and uniqueoptions.ini.

Ways to Prevent Zone Identifier Issues

When the browser is opened as admin

If the web browser is ran as admin, then the ActiveX control will use the original location of genericoptions.ini and uniqueoptions.ini.

Use the Windows Explorer property settings to unblock file.

To remove the zone identifier marker select the HTML file downloaded from the internet. Mouse right click the file and navigate to the bottom of the menu and select properties. Click the button or check box labeled as unblock. It will be visible at the bottom of the right hand side. Click OK and the browser will not quarantine any assets.

Trust the Download Site or Hosted ActiveX Web Application.

The site that is used to download the ActiveX web application needs to be added to the trusted web sites in order to allow the proper zone identification to not quarantine the ini files. When using hosted ActiveX web application you will need to add the URL of the hosted web application to the trusted web sites.

Steps for adding to browser trusted websites:

  1. In IE browser Window select tools (alt-x) in the upper right hand corner (gear shape).
  2. Select internet options.
  3. Click security tab.
  4. Select Trusted Sites.
  5. Add website or file location in the top entry box. If you already have the page or file loaded in the browser it will already be filled in for you.
  6. Click close.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Restart browser.

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