How do I capture and send a Ranger Remote log to technical support?

How do I capture and send a Ranger Remote log to technical support?

Here are the steps to capture and send a Ranger log to Silver Bullet technical support.

Steps to enable Ranger logging:
  1. Ranger Remote Log Viewer is enabled on install.
Capture the behavior in question:
  1. Start Ranger Remote Log Viewer . This can be accessed in the following ways:
    1. Right-click Ranger Remote tray icon - Show Log Viewer
    2. Start - Search for "Ranger Remote Log Viewer"
    3. Start - All Programs - Silver Bullet Technology - Ranger - RangerRemote - Ranger Remote Log Viewer
  2. (Optional) Click 'Clear' button to erase the old log.
  3. Ensure that Ranger Remote is started.
  4. Start the Ranger Remote-based application.
  5. Reproduce the issue/behavior in question.
  6. In Ranger Remote Log Viewer press the Refresh button.

Steps to send a log to Silver Bullet:
  1. In Ranger Remote Log Viewer, select "File - Save log as" menu option.
  2. Save the log file (please do not use a .txt extension).
  3. Send an email to that includes:
    1. Name, company, location*
    2. Ranger Remote log file saved above*
    3. Detailed description of the issue*
    4. Which Ranger Remote call is not working as documented
    5. Describe the physical situation that led to the problem
    6. GenericOptions.ini and <driver>Options.ini

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